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Camp Policies, Mission & Expectations

1. No cell phones/devices will be allowed during the children/youth summer camp season (excluding Family Camps, Ladies/Mens Retreats, and Deeper Life). Campers may not keep cell phones/devices in their cabins.

      a. These will be collected at registration by the Summer Program Director and kept in a secure location. They will be returned to campers the morning of their final day of camp (to take pictures, exchange contact information, etc.). However, we recommend leaving these devices at home.

2. No food items are allowed in the cabins.

3. We are a NUT AWARE facility. Nuts and nut butter/oils will not be used in food preparation. We ask that no items containing nuts be brought on camp property.

4. Pets are welcome but are not allowed in the cabins or in any camp buildings. Please provide other accommodations for your pets.

5. Dress Code:

  • Offensive and/or questionable logos on clothing are not permitted.

  • Shirts (both men and women’s) must be long enough to cover the midriff.

  • Swimsuits: men must wear trunks, not speedos. Women’s suits must cover the midriff. We do not permit male or female bathing suits that are see-through or overly revealing. Tops/shirts must be worn (by both men and women) at all times.

  • Underwear is so called for a reason, and is to be worn under other clothing; it should not be generally visible. Low-rider pants are not only unsuitable for the active nature of camp, but should not be worn low to expose men or women’s underwear.

6. No medication is to be kept in cabins. All medications are to be secured by the medical staff.

7. Other rules:

  • There is a strict policy on the use or possession of alcohol, any tobacco products, Marijuana, Vape or any illegal drugs at camp. The use or possession of non-medical drugs will result in a call home and dismissal.

  • It is expected that the camp quiet time will be respected (11:00 p.m. until 7:30 am). The exception would be late night organized activities. 

  • Refrain from using foul language.

  • Inappropriate topics of discussion include the following: glorifying drinking, drugs, gambling or smoking; racist or tasteless comments or jokes; sex.

  • Campers and other staff/volunteers are to be treated with respect and courtesy at all times. Any action that makes a camper or staff member feel uncomfortable, demeaned, embarrassed or humiliated is to be avoided. If an action is questionable, consider it inappropriate.


  1. Pine Lake Christian Camp, working in partnership, provides a camping environment in which people of all ages can begin and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  2. Core Values​​​

         a. Salvation - We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all our ministries.

         b. Holiness - We are shaped by the Bible and the example of Jesus through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

         c. Intimacy with God - We commune with God through worship and prayer.

         d. Compassion - We embody God’s love, reaching out to others and caring for them.

         e. Respect - We promote the dignity of all persons.

         f. Excellence - We are innovative and effective.

         g. Integrity - We are honest and trustworthy, accountable to God and each other.

         h. Relevance - We seek to understand and meet the needs of people in our communities.​

         i. Cooperation - We encourage and foster teamwork and partnerships.

         j. Celebration - We are thankful to God for blessing Pine Lake Christian Camp.

 3. Focus & Commitments:

              a. Pine Lake Christian Camp is a ministry of the Church of Christ and Christian Churches of Alberta, Canada. Thus, we hold tightly to the core mission and values described above. At the same time, we focus specifically on providing Christian camping experiences for our guests. At Pine Lake Christian Camp, we seek to utilize residential and wilderness experiences and emphasize character and leadership development through strong relationships to promote the Biblical transformation of the people within our reach—youth, children, and families.

               b. In the context of PLCC, and in light of our focus as described above, we hold the following key commitments:

  • We are committed to authentic relationships as the foundation of an inclusive community.

  • We are committed to facilitating transforming encounters with Jesus.

  • We are committed to fun—for every camper and staff person, in all the good ways God intends.

  • We are committed to the challenge and growth of the whole person—physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

  • We are committed to showing the natural beauty of the created world.

  • We are committed to physical and emotional safety.

Camper’s Code:

At camp we live in a community and we want everyone to have a positive camping experience. Therefore, to do my part in making this happen, I agree to follow these guidelines:

  1. I will attend all scheduled activities.

  2. I will not use alcohol, any tobacco products, Marijuana, Vape or any illegal drugs at camp.

  3. I will not use my cell phone or other device at camp. I will leave this at home, or give it to the Summer Program Director to keep safe until the final morning of camp.

  4. I am aware that the waterfront & docks are out of bounds at all times, except during supervised waterfront events.

  5. Since the terrain around camp is so rough, I will wear my shoes or sandals at all times (except in the shower and at the lake or beach).

  6. Since practical jokes and pranks often cause embarrassment or hurt feelings to another person, I will talk to my cabin counselor first before participating in them. All pranks are to be approved by camp leadership (Summer Program Director).

  7. I realize that I am responsible for any damage I may maliciously cause to my cabin, any other building, or any piece of equipment at camp in any way.

  8. I want to encourage other people; therefore, I will not put down or criticize other campers or staff.

  9. I will not touch anyone's personal possessions without his or her permission.

  10.  I agree to respect the authority of my cabin leader, and other camp Staff.


Attention Camper: If you are concerned or upset about something such as someone's

attitude, vocabulary, or actions, please talk to your Cabin Counselor about it. We want you to have the best week of your summer!

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